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Why Is Math So Hard For Some Children?: The Nature and Origins of Mathematical Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

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Author: Daniel B. Berch

Publisher: Brookes Publishing

ISBN 10: 1557668647
ISBN 13: 978-1557668646

Why Is Math So Hard for Some Children? is the first definitive research volume that explores the evidence base for students' difficulties with mathematics. This landmark resource gives educational decision makers and researchers in-depth theoretical and practical insight into mathematical learning difficulties and disabilities, combining diverse perspectives from fields such as special education, educational psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and behavioral genetics. More than 35 internationally known contributors share their expertise on

  • indicators of mathematical difficulties and disabilities
  • risk factors for poor mathematics outcomes
  • connections between mathematics and reading disabilities
  • neuropsychological factors in mathematical learning disabilities
  • information processing deficits
  • individual difference factors in mathematics difficulties
  • math anxiety
  • the role of genetics
  • effective instructional interventions

Comprehensive and multidisciplinary, this book gives readers the foundation they need to advance research, teaching strategies, and policies that identify struggling students and help put them on the path to stronger math skills.