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Women Standing Strong Together: Stories of Surrendering to Your Authentic Self

Author: Candy Lyn Thomen

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1671987284
ISBN 13: 978-1671987289

Product Description
Life will always bring us experiences and uncertainty, risks, losses - never planned, never found - emotional upheaval that defines what it means to be vulnerable; to break down to our breakthrough. It is here we find the courage to rise up, become our authentic selves and live our purpose.

In this book, twelve women expose their vulnerability, their pain, their truth, their intuitive guidance and insights that led to the courage it has taken to go from the depths of fear, grief, and heartbreak to finding their place in the world. They have come to own their sovereignty, become more empathic, found a new sense of creating a life they love and tapping into gifts that were not recognized prior and found a new vision on their journey.

Women Standing Strong Together is about finding that powerful place within; our strength from our life experiences. It’s about courage in a world where we feel not good enough and giving ourselves the permission to examine our lives, become uncomfortable and step into the fire to grow stronger. The shattered pieces in our lives create the magic that waits for us to claim our power within. When we allow ourselves to surrender to the divine plan great things are illuminated before us and our path becomes clear, we climb higher and our goddess emerges.


"...This is a profound, encouraging and heart-warming example of what happens when we trust and believe in ourselves and the power we have within. Shattered Pieces clearly shows us by becoming aware of one's treasured gifts, the innate inner knowing, and to utilize these gifts, including connecting with spirit, will transform our lives to levels we have never seen before."- Robert Crown, author

"For the Love of Creation speaks to my scarred heart and artistic soul on so many painful and beautiful levels. In many ways I found kinship with the pain she expressed through her childhood and relationships. I needed to hear her story because within it are necessary truths. Truths that carry the weight and the victory of healing after seemingly insurmountable pain."- Kira Lauren Tolman, artist

Surrendering to the Divine Plan is a powerful and compelling story of tuning in and listening. I wanted to keep reading. This story will inspire others to listen to their intuition and help them understand the intelligence of the Spirit world and the threads of how our lives are all weaved together and connected." - Christine Burke, author

"From shattered childhood innocence to adulthood rejection Marianne proves that it is indeed possible to reclaim the life you were born to live—your authentic life. A life filled with hope, courage, strength, acceptance, forgiveness, creativity, independence, love of self and others." - Jelynn Sweeney

“For anyone traveling life's twists and turns, When the Magic Disappears paints a picture of that childlike wonder. When grief and sorrow overwhelms, Brenda's experiences of hope after loss reminds us that our innate intuition, curiosity, and guidance can lead us out of our "lost moments" and into the Magic of a whole new life well lived and full of Joy.” - Heather S Lockert

The Power Within is a testament to the strength one can find even when one doesn’t know it’s there. Christine Catoggio vividly paints a picture of the moment in her life when the ground disappears from under her feet and she realizes she has the ability to fly above her situation, on her own. A powerful inspiration for people who are dealing with a dark night of the soul." - Lori M. Kerce

Whispers from an Angel ...what powerful poems, what courage it took to realize you needed help, what strength it took to overcome and rebuild your inner and outer soul. Sometimes it’s so difficult to see yourself but you did and transformed yourself into the goddess you are today.” - MaryAnn T Tiberi-Wehe