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Writing Happy Endings: Narrative Therapy Prompts

Author: Erin L George

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1475069960
ISBN 13: 978-1475069969

Writing Happy Endings: Narrative Therapy Prompts offers 100 prompts and questions for therapists helping clients rewrite their life stories. Prompts explore themes around personal values, successes, problem externalization, families of origin and creation and unique outcomes. Prompts are designed to be used in session as well as for homework assignments. Prompts will also be helpful to journal writers interested in exploring their own life stories and can be used outside of the therapy room. *** Questions like: If you looked at your life as a map of a road you have traveled, what would the road look like? Would it be a straight line or a curvy path? How has the path you have traveled helped make you who you are today? What would you change about the path? What would you keep the same? Tell a story of times in your life when things haven’t gone as you expected but, instead, worked out even better. Why was this twist a surprise to you? Describe a problem you are currently facing. If you were to pretend the problem was another person, what would you say to it? How would you ask it to leave your life?