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You Are More Than You Know: Face Your Fears, Grow Stronger

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Author: Patsy Clairmont

Publisher: Worthy Books

ISBN 10: 1617953253
ISBN 13: 978-1617953255


Moving from a fear-based life to faith-based freedom is a journey that takes time and courage. While remaining scared and small can feel comfortable, taking hold of strength and determination opens our eyes to a measure of the Lord's goodness we've never seen.

In You Are More Thank You Know, Patsy's trademark humor spills out as she answers the question she is most often asked — how she overcame her own deliberating fears — and along the way helps readers face their own anxieties, dismay, worries, and despair. Through honest and intimate glimpses in to a heart changed by the power of hope, this book is a guide for the journey to find more of you...and much more of what God has for you.