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Your Brain on Gluten (It’s Not Just Celiac Disease): Myths - Facts - Solutions

Author: Jaqui Karr

Publisher: Black Wave Publishing

ISBN 10: 0988130386
ISBN 13: 978-0988130388

Depression (gluten’s most common manifestation), headaches, brain fog, ADHD, dementia… the full spectrum of neurological disorders, affecting all brains, not just those with Celiac / Coeliac Disease or NCGS (Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity). Get the facts with how often gluten is the issue, and more importantly: What to do about it.

Solutions throughout, this book isn’t a one-way lecture on biology, it’s an interactive guide loaded with action items, power tips, easy tricks, even simple ways to incorporate the most powerful foods into your life and help you maintain a strong immune system.

Comprehensive, fact based, and the only book you’ll ever need on gluten. Many of these issues are the same autoimmune reactions and disorders as Hashimoto’s, IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, chronic fatigue,…

Included in this book:

-Checklist of supplements and how to customize the right ones for you (including which detox, rid metals, repair, protect, and strengthen)

-Checklist of brain-boosting foods

-The truth about probiotics (the most important supplement for gut health, which directly affects brain health), why most people are taking them completely ineffectively, and how to do it right

-False marketing that have you making mistakes, even though you think you’re making healthy choices

-3 Minute Recipes that’ll calm inflammation and power up your brain (using the cleanest sources and most bio-available foods)

-The ultimate brain boost smoothie recipe with scientifically proven ingredients to strengthen cognitive function and memory

-Checklist of all test methods, plus easy blood test list to take to your doctor if you’re undiagnosed or suspecting misdiagnoses, including the specific blood tests Europe has found to have the highest accuracy (available worldwide, as long as you know what to ask for)

-Common foods (besides gluten) that diminish brain function, and how to deliciously replace them with safe alternatives

Learn the myths (so you can avoid pitfalls that everyone else is falling into and hurting their brain), get the science-based facts, and get the solutions. This book can save your brain health and it’s guaranteed to change the way you see all food, not just gluten. Here’s the best part: Once you cross that line, you’ll never turn back. Welcome to your healthier, happier, brain-boosted life…


THE AUTHOR Jaqui Karr, most famous for one thing: Results. She’s “Where Science Meets Common Sense” and is the author that gives you the most practical information you can apply to your life instantly.


“Jaqui blends scientific research & common sense really, really well. Jaqui is my go to source for gluten info.” -Doug Robb, CEO Health Habits

“Jaqui, you’ve been my health coach for so many of my patients, thank you so much. Thanks for all you do and have done, God bless” -C. Daniel Otero, PA-C, CEO, Trinity Family Medicine

“Jaqui combines her technical knowledge of health and nutrition with heart.” -Dr. Tom O'Bryan, World Gluten Expert/Functional Medicine

“Jaqui is one of our “go to” health experts who always delivers top-notch recipes and wellness advice to our readers and listeners. Jaqui is a pure pleasure to work with, and we hope to expand our working relationship with her in the near future. She’s simply one of the very best at what she does.” -Elle Sanders, Communications Director at RadioMD

“Jaqui, you're the walking talking perfect example of what everyone's capable of.” -Brian Clement, Director of The Hippocrates Health Institute