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Your Sacred Wealth Code: Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose & Prosperity

Author: Prema Lee Gurreri

Publisher: Heart Drop Press

ISBN 10: 0998771201
ISBN 13: 978-0998771205

What if abundant life has always been a part of your soul’s plan?

What if wealth is your birth right, and it has always been there, waiting for you to claim it?

What if creating your wealthy and prosperous life is just as simple as being who you are and doing what you love?

On the day you were born, a unique wealth design was encoded into your soul’s blueprint. And just like your fingerprint, it is unique to you.

Your personal ‘treasure map’, called Your Sacred Wealth Code, is written in the universal language of purpose and prosperity and is a part of your soul’s Divine Plan. 

Learn how to read the map that was drawn just for you by your soul, your angels, and your guides.

Using this soul purpose method, Your Sacred Wealth Code, teaches you how to understand your soul and therefore, how to enjoy life and find your purpose. 

This book provides everything you need to establish a wealthy mindset. The soul purpose method brings a life changing  approach in terms of wealth. Spiritual and material wealth are often deemed to be on different sides of the scale, yet Your Sacred Wealth Code unifies them.

  • An international award winner, Your Sacred Wealth Code has received the 2018 GOLD MEDAL, 
  • Contemporary Spirituality, 21st Annual COVR Visionary Awards; 2018 SILVER MEDAL, 
  • Divination Books, 21st Annual COVR Visionary Awards; 2018 BRONZE MEDAL, 
  • Visionary Books, 21st Annual COVR Visionary Awards. 

Find your life purpose by taking daily action to finally claim the prosperous life which is your birth right. 

Learn the core skills to help you successfully navigate from your personal sweet spot of life purpose and manifest your divinely intended abundant life.

Through information, stories, meditations, and experiential Wealth Focus practices, you will embark on a journey to discover and activate your soul's personal Wealth Code – perhaps one of the most important discoveries of your life.

Your Sacred Wealth Code is waiting. Are you ready to reveal it?